Common Vision Problems

A routine Eye Examination is important not only for the health of your eyes, but for your body's wellbeing as a whole. Having an Eye Exam every two years can help to spot other health issues. Eye doctors are able to detect signs of diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol and thyroid disease, all from examining your eyes.

Listed below are the most common Vision Problems today:

Also known as nearsightedness, is the most common vision problem. Those affected by myopia have difficulty seeing things that are far away.

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Often referred to as the aging eye condition. This condition gradually affects your ability to focus on things up close as you age.
A common vision problem that causes blurred vision. Astigmatism can cause headaches and eyestrain and affects all ages.
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Also known as farsightedness, it is a refractive error where those affected have difficulty seeing things that are near, but objects that are far can usually be seen clearly.

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